Where Has @muducks Gone?

February 13, 2023

The @mu_ducks Instagram page had become the buzzword around campus before winter break and gave the students something to look forward to when times got tough on campus. Now, no one has seen or heard anything about @mu_ducks in weeks.

Toward the end of the fall 2022 semester, student organizations and friend groups were working together to find these pastel ducks. This united the Millikin community with the goal of helping everyone find these miniature pastel ducks in unique places around Millikin’s campus. These ducks bought together the different parts of the Millikin community across disciplines and majors and got the students and staff connecting over miniature pastel ducks.

The last time these pastel ducks from @mu_ducks were spotted on Millikin’s campus was December 13, 2022.

Now that no one has seen these pastel ducks and the students have over a month until spring break, the students are looking for something to bring the community together. Many students look toward the future and wonder if @mu_ducks was a short-term thing or how long the followers of @mu_ducks is going to have to wait until more of the miniature pastel ducks show up and enlighten the students’ days.

The @mu_ducks Instagram followers wait to see what will happen next with these pastel ducks. The students are looking around campus and staring patiently at their phones waiting for the miniature ducks’ next move.

There are still so many questions about the pastel ducks that have never been answered due to the instigator staying anonymous. Some of the questions are why @mu_ducks got started in the first place, how long will it continue, and how the creator of @mu_ducks feels about all the buzz about their miniature pastel duck community growing.

Is the @mu_ducks journey over, or is this just the beginning?


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