Photo courtesy of Millikin University
Photo courtesy of Millikin University

The Many Ways to Get Outside as Millikin Student

April 12, 2022

Happy spring! While the weather has been crazy for the past few weeks, it finally (knock on wood) feels like the spring weather is here to stay. That being said, I’m here to give you some ideas on something I’m passionate about: going outside.

Everyone could use a little vitamin D in their lives, and going outside can be a fun, relaxing way to absorb some. School can keep us so cooped up inside, and sometimes you just need to feel the warm sun, a spring breeze and the wonderful smell of Decatur soy

Here are my suggestions for the best ways to spend some time outside in the last few weeks of the semester. Take a break, get some fresh air and get outside.

Take a walk.

There are so many great places to go on walks near campus. If you’re into nature, walk down the street to Fairview Park or take a quick drive to Rock Springs Conservation Center. Both of these places offer walking and biking trails. If you’re not into nature, take a quick drive to Downtown Decatur. Walk around and visit the many local businesses, the fountain and the Transfer House. There are also a lot of cute picture-taking places downtown. If you’re looking for an extra challenge, bring a skateboard or some roller skates.

Just sit outside.

I’m a big fan of doing homework outside, laying out or just people-watching. For me, this takes place on the Tri Delta lawn, but you can find many places on campus to lay down a blanket and relax in peace. I spent a lot of time my freshman year on the quad with a book, but there are many other places on and near campus, like the CTD patio or Fairview Park.

Scovill Zoo.

While everyone might not be in support of zoos, they are definitely an enjoyable way to get outside. Scovill Zoo—yes, just like Millikin’s business building—is a short drive away from campus, and it is officially open for the spring and summer seasons. With a variety of animals, like a baby spider monkey and a red panda, a reptile house, and a train that takes you around the zoo, Scovill Zoo can be a fun way to spend a Saturday off campus in the nice weather. Click here for more information on Scovill Zoo.

Overlook Adventure Park.

Overlook Adventure Park is a unique Decatur park containing mini-golf, a ropes course and batting cages just a few minutes away from Millikin’s campus. Get your friends together for some competitive putt-putt golf or some team bonding on the high ropes. Overlook Adventure offers multiple ways to spend days or evenings outside with fun activities. Plus, on Friday and Saturday it is open until 10 p.m. so you can make some late night memories with friends. There is also a Mister Softee ice cream shop right next door so you can treat yourself afterwards. Click here for more information on Overlook Adventure Park.

The Oakwood Block Party.

On May 7th, a collection of local businesses will be holding their semi-annual Oakwood Block Party. Right down the street from campus, you can mingle, enjoy live music and good food and drinks as well as the spring weather. The event takes place from 5 p.m. to 12 a.m. and is sponsored by businesses like Lock, Stock, & Barrel, Donnie’s Homespun Pizza, as well as many others. For more information about the Oakwood Block Party, click here.

Hopefully, you found some fun or relaxing ideas of how to get outside and enjoy Decatur in the next few weeks of the spring semester. Don’t let the stress of school, finals and work get you down. Take some time to bask in the warm weather and be in nature.

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