When’s the Best Time To Spill Tea?


Photo By: Wikimedia Commons

Kaela Adams

We’re all aware of the recent saying “spill the tea.” This refers to when someone has juicy information that others want shared. The question is, when is the best time to spill it?

Drama causes a lot of problems in relationships and friendships. It’s not always necessary to tell your friend what so-and-so said about her or some embarrassing story about someone else. What’s the point of drama? Why is it such a social norm to talk about others in a negative way? 

However, not all “tea” is negative. Your friend might want to know what’s going on with you and your new partner or how your big test went. 

There are a lot of grey areas when it comes to things that should be said. For instance, should you keep the information to yourself until it’s vital for someone to be informed, or should you tell them right away?

I think tea should be limited as much as possible. When you’re in a fight with someone, there is no reason to spread the information around to others if it does not involve them. There is no reason to get others involved. Spreading information like this can end badly and leave a bad impression on not only you but the other person. Always keep in mind, tea leaves stains. 

So how can we be completely sure that it is the right time to talk drama or that the information is valid enough to be spread? This is, in my opinion, a hard question to answer. 

We are in college. We are grownups, and I believe we should start acting like them. Who cares if someone doesn’t have the same morals as you? Who cares who they support politically? You have a choice of who your friends are. 

If you don’t enjoy someone, you don’t have to let that be known to the world, or even them. Keep it to yourself and don’t bring others down!

Sometimes, tea is right in a situation. When someone could potentially be harmed, then it’s time to get people other than yourself involved. 

Then this raises the question, who do I tell? This depends on a lot of things. Who is the situation affecting, how is it affecting them, and what will the consequences be? Use your life skills and navigate yourself through tough situations. Part of being an adult is being able to be mature and know what to do in serious situations.

Communication is key. Being able to talk about problems and resolve situations with compromise is so important. Most arguments and fights derive from miscommunication and jealousy. Being able to talk about things before they cause a problem is a big thing, and this could help tremendously with your personal life.

 Sometimes, this can be hard. Personally, I find it hard. Finding the courage within yourself to fix a problem or talk about things before a problem has arisen is something I have always struggled with. 

Why is this so hard? I have been really working on this in college because it is time for me to be mature and take control of my problems. Tea is not something you want to be involved in. Staying away from drama and not spreading it will make your college experience better and easier. 

Surrounding yourself with the right people is also a big factor. Some people just simply don’t get along, and that’s okay! Find the people you click with and can trust, and only associate yourself with those who deserve your time. 

Don’t spill the tea!