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College Love and a Diploma

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College Love and a Diploma

Jason Messina

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Screw Love. Just screw it. There is nothing easy about it. Whether it is budding or being maintained like a flower, there is no part of it that is simple. We fall for people, and there is nothing we can do but be at the mercy of this person who may or may not reciprocate feelings for you.

College Love, in theory, should get easier once we jump over all of the hurdles of high school. B.S. It doesn’t because whether we get through it without a scratch or not, the high school stuff follows us and only gets more complicated.

We deal with more issues than we thought we could.

Most people experience their first cases of long distance relationships. Something that isn’t easy and everyone will let you know it. People that were in love in high school now move away and learn the struggle hours and miles make. Although my first relationship was better the further we were from each other. I guess that makes sense as to why we broke up.

But regardless, many people just can’t deal with it. And the relationship ends faster than a man mid-coitus.

Next, we have parties.

Now as much as I wish I could say I have never been to a party and that people don’t drink, they do and college partying is something that almost everyone has experienced.

With college parties come an experience as old as dating itself, the hookup.

Here’s the thing, hookups are a normal thing. They are not a normal thing for me personally, but I get it. Many people want to have fun in college. Have a night of fun and companionship with someone they don’t know. Enjoy the night and all things that come with it.

But it’s not without its own problems. With a hook up comes two parties agreeing to come together for a night and a night alone. Sometimes though one of the parties may become attached and want something more, sometimes one person will just feel used, or maybe even worse and an unwanted issue could arise from a night of passion.

I’m not saying it’s not impossible for love to sprout from a hookup but it’s basically like rolling dice at a craps table.

Finally, there is the personal problem that hundreds of other college students and I have: Falling for a friend.

There is this amazing person that either lets me into their life, or I bring them in myself.

We become good friends, and then I fall for them. Then there’s this risk. I think about it for so long. Do I tell them how smart, beautiful and funny they are. Share my feelings with this person and possibly not have a relationship but also lose a friendship.

Because what if they only think of me as a friend or a best friend.

I honestly don’t want to lose this person, but I want to ask them out more than anything. I could write a list about how amazing they are but what if it goes wrong? There are  many people that fall into this boat with me. I know because of all the people who have told me they have this issue. It all comes down to the choice if you’re going to risk it or not.

There are many problems with college love, and we often ask ourselves if its worth it. The answer is yes because if there is a chance to find someone worth sharing your feelings and memories with why shouldn’t you risk it. I know I’m going to. Because whether I get rejected or not you always have to hope for the best.


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College Love and a Diploma