Gun Control: Policies or Controversies?

JaCarla Anderson, Writer

With the upcoming election, there are many things people are starting to wonder about. One of the major things on people’s minds are the gun control policies. When the new president takes over, where will these old policies stand and what will be the new ones?

“I believe weapons of war have no place on our streets,” is what presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said on the topic of gun control. She wants to have a common sense type of legislation. Clinton’s gun policies would include extensive background checks. It would prohibit people, such as domestic abusers or the severely mentally ill, from being able to purchase firearms; as well as the people on the terror watch list (no fly, no buy policy).

This policy will save quite a few lives. Background checks are essential to have when dealing with firearms, because it will show who is unfit for a deadly weapon and a lot of lives will no longer be in jeopardy. Clinton would also close all loopholes in the current firearm laws.

One current loophole is the Charleston loophole. This allows gun sales to proceed without a completed background check, if the check will not be completed within three days. According to CBS news, Clinton has reportedly stated in regards to the gun-show loophole, that she would “require any person engaging in a high volume of gun sales…to be held to the same standards as sellers at gun stores”.

The closing of these loopholes would relieve some of the public anxiety surrounding the constant horrors happening on the streets. The main people who have access to guns are most likely buying them for revenge or to start a war. I have no doubt that closing these loopholes would deter these kind of sales, because if they had been caught on similar charges they will no longer have access to those weapons.

Another act in the gun control area for Clinton would include repealing immunity protections for the gun industry. Clinton states that she would try to repeal the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.

The rewrite of this gun law, will change the gun market. In the event of shootings, the person who sold the gun to the perpetrator will now be held accountable for the actions of the customer. Now gun salesmen will have to be more cautious of who they sell their products to.

Clinton aims to have stronger gun policies and lower the shooting rates. In contrast, let’s  look at what Trump offers about gun control.

Donald Trump, another presidential candidate, is big on the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment includes the right to keep and bear arms.“Well, I’m a big Second Amendment person. As an example, for the horrible thing that just took place in Oregon had somebody in that room had a gun, the result would have been better,” is what Trump said in an interview with

For him to say the result would have been better, is a lie; it would have resulted in more casualties if anything. If another person would have had a gun, the whole thing would have been a bigger mess.

The upcoming election puts both candidates in the spotlight and it’s the time where they share their stand on popular issues. Gun control will forever be a big issue in the US. It’s time to pick which route you want to go. A route where gun control will be better controlled or a route where the laws contradict each other. You decide.