Kayce Fuentes, Staff Writer

So, if you haven’t had your heart torn out yet, Sony and Marvel reached a compromise on Spiderman.

Andrew Garfield will no longer be playing our friendly neighborhood Spiderman. I’ll pause to let you scream and cry.

Marvel tried to keep Garfield in the picture, but agreed that it just wouldn’t make sense and recast him. Part of their reasoning was that Garfield was getting too old to play the young Peter Parker. Garfield is actually turning 32 this year, where is the fountain of youth, Garfield?

On the one hand, Andrew Garfield fans claim that he is perfection. The onscreen and off-screen romance between Garfield and Emma Stone made fans swoon and ship harder than ever before, and also tore out hearts in The Amazing Spiderman 2. I cried buckets, everyone. Garfield put the perfect spin on Spiderman, a much better performance than Tobey Maguire.

There is no word on who will be the next Spiderman, but maybe the next one shouldn’t be another white heterosexual guy. Personally, I think if you’re going to recasting a role for a third time, you should shake it up a little. They should be casting people like Osric Chau, Donald Glover or one of the other non-white actors who fit the part.

Back before Andrew Garfield got the part for The Amazing Spiderman there was a huge call for Glover to play Spiderman, and also a lot of opposition. There was hate saying that “Spiderman is white and that’s just how it is.”  Glover replied in a tweet saying “yes, because a black kid living in an apartment with his aunt is unbelievable.” I’m all for more diversity in the superhero world, I’m still mad that the Green Lantern was played by a white man.

The first Amazing Spiderman came out in 2012 and the original Spiderman trilogy started in 2002, so maybe the world is finally ready for more color in the Marvel world. We live in a new day and age, and in fact, this year will be the first year that whites are a minority. Everyone just needs to get with the program and be more accepting of diversity in movies. Just look at how the Oscars turned out, we’re getting more diverse every day, just go with the way the world is headed.