Grand Theft Auto 5: Is it worth the price?

Meganna Miller, Staff Writer

With video games being so expensive nowadays, gamers have to really pick and choose between what new releases they want to invest in. One of the latest games that has just been released is Grand Theft Auto 5. I’m here to let you know that it’s worth the price.

GTA 5 takes place in sunny Los Santos where players control the three main characters: Michael, Franklin and Trevor. Michael provides an experienced finessed hand at the robbing industry, Franklin brings tactical skills to the table as he was a former gangster and works as a repo man and Trevor is a drug user; making him the uncontrollable berserker. These characters together make a well balanced machine that gives the player more to work with. These three starkly different characters come from different backgrounds and provide different skill sets that make for more accessible gameplay and many more opportunities.

The setting of the game, Los Santos, is a larger area than ever before, giving players more room to roam and wreak havoc. In fact, the official Grand Theft Auto 5 website claims, “[Los Santos is] our largest open world yet”. Players can start exploring from the very beginning of the game. They can even explore from the top of the mountains to the bottom of the ocean.

In this huge new landscape, players cannot only perform the big heists and carjackings that the Grand Theft Auto series is known for, but they can also participate in more ordinary recreational activities. They can golf, take yoga, or go on bike rides. However, don’t think that this means that there is a lack of the action-packed gameplay. Players can still rob liquor stores and race, but they can also parachute over the city.

This game has expanded in ways it never has before. For die hard GTA fans, or for those who just love action packed gaming, I would definitely put this new game on everyone’s must buy list.