2021 Men’s Soccer Preview


Arica Burns

Big Blue’s Men’s Soccer Team is as ready for the season as ever before. Having picked their words for the season, these guys are ready to show their unity as a team, how much belief they have in themselves, their impact, and how nasty they are on that field.

The season’s goals are the same as any other season, to make it to the playoffs. That’s the biggest goal for any team, and the men’s soccer team is no different. But, it’s not just about winning, it’s also about improving every time they step foot on the field.

“So results wise, we want to be in the top four, we want to make it in the playoffs, but I think as a program, as a team, we want to be in a lot better position at the end of the season than when we started in August.” said Paul Anderson, the Men’s Soccer Team’s Head Coach.

That’s the goal, the end goal is always going to be winning. But, sometimes things aren’t as predictable as they’d wish. Injuries happen, losses happen, but they can still fight as a team to make something happen on that field.

“I just like the feeling of winning as a group and that feeling when you walk off the field and you just, you feel like you’ve done everything possible.” said Simen Nodland, a Junior.

It’s all about being a team, going after what they want together. They are stronger when they’re working together, bonding on and off the field as a team and friends. Bonds are built, and as the seniors begin what will be their final season, those friendships are especially important.

“I’m hoping the team grows a bond with each other that they won’t forget. You can’t get back the four years you were here. So you might as well create some bonds with people that you wouldn’t have had.” said Dalton Gilbert, fifth year Senior.

Not having such a good start to the season means everyone on the team is itching for a winning game. They want to score where they haven’t yet, and they want to prove that they are better than what their score may lead viewers to believe. A victory is evading them, but that doesn’t mean it will continue to.

“I want to see us turn things around and show that we are better than what our record shows.” said Alessandro Desario, three-year starter and Senior.

These guys are ready to go out and compete, though an injury has already taken one of their teammates out, the goal remains the same. Play-offs. They’re even more ready to be out on the field, the appreciation for actually being able to be on the field is far greater than ever before because of COVID-19.

“Usually when you think about a season ending, you think it’s because of a result or an injury, or something that happened within the game, but not because of a global virus.“ said Coach Anderson. “So, I think everybody has a greater appreciation now that they get out to play and they’re ready to get out and perform.”

Their words- unity, impact, belief, and nasty- are the driving forces that make them think of what they’re showing when they are on the field. The season has only just begun, so no one knows what’s coming as the season progresses, but improvement is definitely on the list.

The Big Blue Men’s Soccer team is out to get wins, get into the top four, and make it into the playoffs. They’ve got a lot to prove with how this season started, and they’re itching to do so with some of the opponents coming their way. Check out their next game on September 22nd at Illinois College in Jacksonville, IL.