Homecoming Talent Show Recap

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Homecoming Talent Show Recap

JaCarla Anderson, Writer

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On Tuesday Sept 27, Millikin University hosted their annual talent show. The show started at approximately 7 PM. The show started off with a video from UCB members introducing the talent show.

The opening act was the male acapella group seVen. The group definitely had a strong stage presence, and the crowd loved the group’s throwback songs. Being one of the crowd’s favorite acts, seVen was a great way to open up the talent show.

Following seVen was freshman Madison Burress with her nerd love song. The freshman was able to connect well with the audience; they loved Burress’ lyrics and how they incorporated comic book characters. Burress was confident and comfortable on stage which made her performance memorable and likable.

Next up was the band Scooby and the Shaggers with Dad Rock. The band sang a cover of the song “Surrender” by the famous band Cheap Trick. Scooby and the Shaggers stayed true to the original song while still incorporating their own sound. Overall, their performance was impressive.

Next was Mac Maher with his own version of Selena Gomez’s song “Kill em with Kindness.” Maher sang the song while dancing. His choreography was original and made the performance more interesting.

After Maher, LJ and Key got on the stage and sang “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” by Meghan Trainor featuring John Legend. The duo were comfortable on stage, and had both the confidence and talent of experienced performers. The two singers fed off of each other’s energy and interacted well on stage.

Following LJ and Key was the band Zen and Tonic with the song “Weight in Gold” by Gallant. The lead singer had a relaxed and confident voice which made their performance even more enjoyable. The catchy song the band played had the audience swaying in their seats throughout.

After Zen and Tonic, McKenzie Sauer took the stage and recited her poem “Angels of the Night.” Sauer’s passionate voice filled the auditorium as she recited her poem about the problem of racism in our society. Many audience members snapped during the performance because her words rang true for them. Sauer’s poem was honest and she delivered it well, receiving well-deserved cheers when she was finished.

Next up was Millikin’s Sapphire Dance Team. The dance team’s energy was infectious, and their explosive choreography had the attention of every audience member. The women on the team stayed together and in time despite the complicated footwork.

Hunter Allen followed the Sapphires with his original song “Distractions.” Allen sat behind a piano, a single spotlight illuminating the soloist. He sang a bitter-sweet song about rising to his full potential in a world full of distractions. The piano complimented the senior’s voice beautifully.

After Allen, it was the band G.N.A.R who sang “Vicious Love” by New Found Glory featuring Hayley Williams. The lead singer’s energy had the crowd interested as the band played the song. The instrumentalists were obviously experienced, and overall the performance was a success.

Following G.N.A.R was The Band Formally Known as Roseart Now Known as The Stuck of 2016 singing an original song called “Shackles.” The band, which is formulated entirely of freshmen, performed impressively. The lead singer, who also played acoustic guitar, had a unique and pleasant voice. The drummer and the piano player were equally talented, and the trio of friends gave a great first performance of their career.

JAMM, a barber shop quartet who called themselves Jordan and the Suit Jackets for one night only, were the final act. They sang the classic song “For the Longest Time,” and the crowd reacted well to the nice harmonies. The group stayed in pitch despite the key change, and they were a great closing act.

While the judges deliberated the scores, a special guest group came out. The special guest was Physical Graffiti, Millikin’s hip hop dance team. They danced to different songs including Panda, and Timmy Turner. The group’s original choreography was impressive and mesmerized the audience within seconds. Every dancer’s talent shined brightly throughout, and by the end of the performance, the audience was screaming in excitement.

When the scores were in, UCB members Valina and Tiffany came out on stage, and invited all acts on the stage. The acapella group seVen came in first, and second place was earned by McKenzie Sauer, with her poem “Angels of the Night.” Millikin students voted LJ and Key the “crowd favorite” for their rendition of “Like I’m Gonna Lose You.” The talent show was undoubtedly successful and left the crowd wanting more.