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January 10, 2023

K9 Farley hangs out in Common Grounds. Photo courtesy of Millikin Public Safety.

On a snowy November morning, nothing sounds better than good conversation, donuts and a hot cup of coffee. Except for conversation, donuts and coffee with a cute dog, that is.

On Tuesday, November 15, Millikin University students and faculty had their mornings made by the Department of Public Safety’s annual Coffee with a Cop event. Hot coffee and pastry treats were provided free of charge, and members of Millikin’s community were encouraged to stop by and chat with representatives of Millikin Police and the Decatur Police Department.

Perhaps the biggest draw, however, was a guest named Farley. Officer Tyler Jenkins is the proud owner of a large, golden dog, whose mission of the morning was to make as many new friends as possible.

“He just loves everyone,” Jenkins said.

Farley is a certified support animal, and has been a regular visitor at Millikin for the past year. As he continues to prove his natural aptitude for the work, and as more members of the Millikin community fall in love with his friendly face, his appearances have grown more frequent.

“He’s always been a sweet boy,” Jenkins said.

Farley’s presence in Common Grounds was well-received, with students flocking to greet him in between classes.

“This is the best way to start the morning,” sophomore Natalie Grote said.

Director of Public Safety Chris Ballard believes the event’s value lies in its ability to connect students with law enforcement in their community. He has helped to host the event at Millikin three times, and participated in a city-wide version of the event for a few years prior.

“Any chance we get to [interact with students], I want to do it,” Ballard said. “Having Farley here lowers some of the barriers. It’s a good thing, I think.”

As the event ended and Farley headed home, the dog left behind a coffee shop filled with gratitude, serenity and a whole lot of dog hair.

Desperate to meet MUPD’s Officer Farley? Keep an eye on the Millikin Public Safety Instagram, @millikinpolice, to stay up to date on all of their events.