Pi Beta Phi: A Phall Phest Success


Photo by Alex Kennedy

Alex Kennedy

Although the weather made it appear otherwise, it did not rain on the parade happening at Pi Beta Phi. Last Saturday, October 26th, Pi Beta Phi held its annual “Phall Phest.” 

Pi Beta Phi, is one of the three sororities on campus that has a house, on Fairview across the street from Leighty-Taylor School of Medicine. 

Usually the festival is held in the parking lot of Pi Phi, but due to complications with the rain, the party was moved indoors. Many people came to Pi Phi to celebrate, including alumni, parents, their children, and Millikin students.  

The festival started at 3:00 in the afternoon, with BluBop being the first of many ensembles to fill the house with music. BluBop, an on-campus vocal jazz singing group, performed a three-song set which compressed a soothing mix of jazz and scat. 

Following the atmosphere created by BluBop, Pi Phi’s own Holly Bender performed a spectacular diddy to bring the warm, welcoming feeling together. 

Blue Harmony, one of Millikin’s acapella groups, kept the calm style of singing until their finale when they finished with Blackstreet and Dr. Dre’s “No Diggity, drawing out a roaring applause from the audience. 

After Blue Harmony, another Millikin acapella group Dissonance, wowed spectators with their renditions of “Genius” by: LSD, Sia, Diplo, and Labyrinth. 

After the singing ensembles, Millikin’s Improv group, Math Club, performed a few skits. These comical skits left the audience in joyful tears and falling out of their seats. 

After the hysterical performance more soloist went on to sing their ballads, Bekah Ford, Sydney Gershon, and Aly Gaberial were included on the list.  

In other parts of the house, Pi Phi prepared mouthwatering food for incoming fall enthusiast. Serving all fall-related items, the arrangement included an assortment of everyone’s favorite autumn snacks, including; popcorn, corn dogs, smores, vegan pretzels, apple slices with caramel, and for drinks apple cider and water. 

As promised, Pi Phi did have two mini horses. Their names were Jasper and Hailey, the certified therapy horses. Jasper was brown dressed in blue sequin, and blue sequin Minnie Mouse ears. While Hailey wore a sparkly purple tutu, with a small top hat finished with a black bow. Anyone could go up and pet the friendly creatures and take pictures until they left at around halfway through the event. 

In the basement of the house, there was a photo booth, games, and Pie-a-Phi. 

At the photo booth anyone could take their picture with a sign that read “Phall Phest 2019,” “Pi Beta Phi Phall Phest,” or have their picture taken with Dr. Suess’s Cat in the Hat in front of an autumn backdrop, made of novel papers and leaves, complemented by tiny pumpkins scattered on the ground. 

An interesting game played by many at the event was Pie-a-Phi, which as the name entails allowed those who paid to smash in the face of any Pi Phi member a plate of whipped cream. This brought bits of laughter and joy to both parties. 

Catching one of the Pi Phi members, I was able to get their thoughts on the event. I talked to Abbey Hughes, a Junior at Millikin, about the festival. Regarding the event, Hughes agreed that it was a success, with how many people came and had fun, enjoying the spectacles. They were able to gain enough money for their philanthropy, adding to the success of the entire event. 

In years prior the event had been staged outside, but due to the sorority’s ability to adapt they were able to handle the situation, Hughes said. 

Finishing off, answering what the purpose was for the event Hughes remarked that “Pi Beta Phi’s Phall Phest is for everyone to come together as a community at Millikin.”

Phall Phest was able to reach the sorority’s goal of raising enough funds for their literacy fund, to buy books for children and schools within the community. But as all good things must come to an end, Pi Phi closed its doors at six and sent everyone off, with bellies warm and filled with the fall spirit.