Netflix Review: iZombie


Chris Diver, News Editor

In the spirit of Halloween, many people watch movies or tv shows dealing with monsters. One show currently on Netflix that isn’t in the main spotlight and is a great Halloween-time viewing is  “iZombie.” The show premiered in late 2015 on the CW and has 2 completed seasons with a third one premiering in early 2017.

Of these seasons, the first two are currently available on Netflix with each consisting between 13 and 18 episodes. The show is loosely based off of the 2010-2012 DC comic book of the same name, though other than the main premise and passing references, there is no story connection between the comic book and the show.

Despite airing on the CW, “iZombie” is not set in the same universe as the other DC Comics shows like “Arrow,” “The Flash,” “Supergirl,” and “Legends of Tomorrow.” The show was created by Rob Thomas who is best known for his work on the 2004-2007 “Veronica Mars” and the “Beverly Hills 90210” spinoff  “90210.”

The show takes a really unique plot following Olivia, or Liv, Moore, played by Rose McIver, a nurse turned coroner’s assistant for the King County Medical Examiner’s office who became a zombie after being scratched by one at a party. Because of her new found disease, she takes a new job with the Medical Examiner’s office so she is able to supply herself with brains consistently, causing her to receive the victim’s memories and emotions.

Because of this experience, Olivia teams up with Seattle police detective Clive Babineaux, played by Malcolm Goodwin, to solve crimes. Liv poses as a psychic detective using the memories she receives from victims to solve crimes. The show also follows Liv’s relationship with her ex-fiance Major, played by Robert Buckley, as well as her and her boss Ravi, played by Rahul Kohli, attempting to find a cure for the recent zombie outbreak in Seattle.

There are a few things that the show does well, one of which is being a product of Rob Thomas. Coming from Rob Thomas, the show takes a similar tone to “Veronica Mars.” It’s a show that uses the overall detective genre but doesn’t take itself as seriously as shows like “Law and Order” and “X-Files.” With this lighter tone, there is room for not only drama but for comedic relief, which is a strong point for the program.

Another strong part of the show is Rose McIver’s portrayal of Liv and her acting over the course of both seasons. With a different brain in every episode, McIver essentially takes on a different role each episode. Pulling this off displays McIver’s incredible acting talent.

While the show has many positive points to it, there are a few drawbacks. To name one, a major drawback of the program are the plot points that span across episodes creating confusion if the viewer is not paying enough attention, losing key storytelling details.

So what is the overall verdict of “iZombie?” As a show, it is something original that takes elements from several other genres and combines them into one show. In a time when there are less and less original ideas, this comes as a relief.

If you are looking for a show to watch this Halloween, I would recommend “iZombie.”