Professor Spotlight: Aubrie Cox

Ky Cochran, Columnist

Aubrie Cox is a Millikin alum who has found her way back home to Millikin as an adjunct faculty member in the English department, and she’s as glad to be here as Millikin is to have her back.

Cox has spent her time away from the Millibubble studying creative writing at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana where she got her M.A. Her time at Ball State was spent refining her craft and exploring genres.

When asked which genre she identified herself with while she studied, she said, “I didn’t have a focus, although everyone said I was a poet.” Evidence of her craftsmanship as a poet can be seen on her blog,, where she posts her haikus and haibuns. Be sure to check out the link titled “Tea’s Aftertaste” as well which will provide information about the poetry chapbook she published in 2011 through Millikin’s own Bronze Man Books.

She provided a small taste of her talents for The Dec, with a recently written haiku:

along the tracks
the sunset thick
with dragonflies

Cox currently teaches Global Haiku and a university seminar here at Millikin, the latter of which is creating another blog worth a look: