Facebook Home: The Beginning of an End

Nicolas Toma

Created by Facebook and expected to be the new interface that would revolutionize the entire world of high-end terminals, Facebook Home has impressed some people as one of the most anticipated applications of the entire year. However, the biggest problem with this application is that although it has reached a surprising number of downloads, people don’t feel comfortable with their experience. Even more, the number of videos on YouTube showing how to uninstall this app keeps growing as people try  to banish it from their lives.

What is Facebook Home?
Facebook Home is a new interface created by Facebook to change the “home screen” of Android-based mobile phones into a more social-based experience. This allows users to check the social updates on Facebook and also launching different types of compatible applications to support the experience.

Facebook Home is an App, not a new mobile operative system or any other software. This mean any Android application is compatible once you install Home, because you are not overwriting the phone with a new O.S.

Also, it is important to point out that Facebook Home only works on some high-end smartphones, such as Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2 and HTC One X and One (launched in 2013). You can also find this application in HTC First phone, where you’ll find Facebook Home pre-loaded from fabric.

Facebook Home: Chronicle of a Death Foretold
Only a few hours after Facebook Home was released into the public, it had a Play Store user-review of two out of five stars. Even up to date, you can find over 6,000 users that rate this app with a one out of five stars. However, based on statistics from Google Play Store, 11,988 people give Facebook Home a qualification of 2.2 out of five stars, which still is one of the biggest failures that the social media site has done in the Android world.

Facebook Home increases the use of battery of a normal phone, making it last half of what it normally lasts. This issue is a huge problem because of the massive amount of data transfer that the application needs in order to work.

The apps has other issues such as access to the pictures, use of other applications and slowness of the device as a consequence. You can only access an overall view of the pictures showed, regarding the ones that are more recent. You cannot access a gallery from the interface, nor can you choose the pictures that you want to show. Also, although Facebook Home delivers an amazing chance to share the Facebook experience with other social apps such as Instagram, sometimes the interface is unstable. Finally, since the device uses so much data, and it needs an extremely fast processor (quad core at least), Facebook Home slows down the terminal in a huge way, regardless of the brand.

Facebook Messenger: The Good Change
Although Facebook Home delivers a negative experience; Facebook brought a new update to the Messenger app, which includes a new design to use. When someone sends you a message, and you receive it in your Android device, a bubble will suddenly appear so you can have a fast access into the chat.

This new design of Facebook Messenger is the only thing that I can recommend from this new social update. We encourage you to try Facebook Home and give your feedback in order to create a new experience.