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Currently the Decaturian is going through many changes. Due to the Herald-Review moving its printing, we at the paper have been forced to go through the process of finding not only a new printer but forced to take a look at ourselves and the paper to evaluate what we had been doing.

Change is almost always a scary occurrence. It’s easy to fall in the same ruts that have worked previously. A sudden shake-up makes you fear for the nice safe path that you have been following.

This change isn’t a bad thing, though. It’s a blessing in disguise that has already started to push us to change protocols that have been used for years.

Our paper wasn’t perfect. The Dec has been called a “college paper” by people who read it, people who didn’t know we existed, and even people inside our own organization. The term college paper has always had this connotation that the Dec isn’t as good as a real newspaper.

That is true. We are a college paper because we are learning, we are figuring out this whole process of how making a newspaper goes. Before college, many of us had never been associated with any sort of paper or publication but now we all are figuring out what our future may hold–thanks to the Dec. We’re learning skills that we will take with us and use. It’s a good example of performance learning.

We may be a college paper but never let it be said that we don’t care about our paper. We want to publish something that our readers, ourselves, and our school can be proud of.

We are going to be making changes and have already started in some areas. We’re changing the way we hold our meetings, allowing everyone to have a turn at the table and get their ideas out there.

Being as this is the digital age, we are also working on our website and trying to grow our social media presence. We will be posting more stories online, and posting them quicker. Some stories will only be online, and our other content won’t be available in our paper.

We will be having more video content and even some online shows hosted by our editors and writers. Along with this, we will do better at working on social media usage and making sure everyone sees what we have as well as making it easier for when you have something to tell us online.

The biggest thing that we, at the Dec, want is for ourselves to have more accountability. We need to check ourselves more. Make sure we aren’t just going back to our old routines. We want to make sure our stories are written on time, we want to make sure they are accurate and we want to make sure they are relevant.

We want our paper to not just be a college newspaper. We want our paper to to be a newspaper despite the fact that it’s made by college students.

We don’t want to stop once we fix and change the current things that need to be changed, we want to continue pushing this paper as far as we can.

There will be a weekly editorial from now on.

We want everybody to know: making these changes and achieving these goals won’t be easy, but when we come out the other side it will look like we’ve grown and changed–just like the college students that come through Millikin.

The Decaturian is going through some changes, but not because we have to but because we can and should.

We want to be seen and heard.

We want to be the Voice of Millikin, and we are going to do whatever we can to make it happen.

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Changing for the Better