Caleb’s Weekly Playlist


September is here and the first full month of school is in full swing. While, students are starting to breathe heavily and sleep in as late as they can, the music is going to get faster and dancier. Be ready to dance Millikin because this popping playlist is going to have everyone singing and jiving all week long.

  1. “I Could Be Wrong” – Lucas & Steve, Brandy: This remix of the 1994 Brandy hit, “I Wanna Be Down” has been lighting up the charts lately and most definitely the speakers of many cars as well. This bumping and bopping chart topper knows how to get one moving and never let them stop either. Lucas & Steve remix channels the soul and urges it to break free and become one with the dance heavy music. Take a listen to Brandy’s hit, but this track definitely has it beat.
  2. “One Kiss” (with Dua Lipa) – Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa: Let’s keep those groovy vibes going with Calvin Harris’ summer smash featuring the incredibly talented Dua Lipa. “One Kiss” brings the listener to new heights instantly with it’s electronic fades and techno beat that forces one to go to town. The energy level gets higher and higher throughout the tune and the dancing from the listener becomes more involved and dedicated to the tune. The horn lines add to this perfect for the club song and gives it an extra edge. Expect to get lost inside this irresistible bop that has to be danced to.
  3. “High Hopes” – Panic! At The Disco: This summer was quite successful for the band’s frontman, Brendon Urie as the record became an instant hit. “High Hopes” soared through the charts and rocked car speakers all over the country. The first verse starts slow at first, but leading up to the first round of the chorus is when the party starts. After that, the tune just keeps rising including the stripped down chorus then the ultimate kick at the end is set in place. Once, the trigger is pulled there is no chance in stopping this tune from becoming a hit. “High Hopes” gains the listener’s attention early on and never lets them go. Warning: dancing while driving may occur.
  4. “I Don’t Want U Back” – BORNS: Slowing things down a bit with BORNS’ alternative pop smash that floats into your ears. His elegant vocals are faded perfectly and given an infectious beat for the backbone of the tune. “I Don’t Want U Back” makes the listener dream of the scenes and moments that BORNS is describing in the tune. This laid back record will consume the listener’s ears and control their body with swift sways and slight head bobs.
  5. “Up All Night” – Beck: Picking things back up with “Up All Night”, this long-awaited record was not a disappointment. Beck brought us another hit with this upbeat, dancy, and well-written tune that gains a new listener with every verse sung. The instrumentation and beat drive the tune and lead it to destinations that are unforeseeable at the start. Give Beck’s latest album a listen and be sure to groove to this summer hit.
  6. “Youth” – Glass Animals: Their sophomore record is just so good. “Youth” continues that trend of hit after hit. From the first beat heard to the first “woo” sung, the Glass Animals capture one’s attention and asks them to groove along. The chorus gives the listener a gateway to move freely and express themselves. Get caught inside this infectious tune and find a way to get out because it can be difficult.
  7. “Doing It for the Money” – Foster The People: This tune happens to be the other hit on the latest record from Foster The People. “Doing It for the Money” changes the pace a little on the playlist. This light and easy alternative song asks the listener to sway side to side and head bob to the beat. The lyrics enter the brain and absorb all the brain cells surrounding the words. Even with less success, “Doing It for the Money” is still considered a hit and it can groove.
  8. “Deadcrush” – alt-J: These guys just keep making hit after hit. “Deadcrush” continues a groovy, laid back feel with a catchy beat and lyrics that aren’t really understandable, but still incredible. The trio knows how to make music and continues to produce groovy vibes with every song. “Deadcrush” basically speaks for itself, but does control the body and forces it to sway softly to the beat.
  9. “Good Grief” – Bastille: Man, this song is so good. It gets better and better with every listen. From the get-go, Bastille has one trapped and guarded from leaving the tune. The verse starts and starts to capture one’s attention then the chorus begins and there is no plausible way to escape. With every chorus and verse, the tune’s energy heightens and becomes dangerous. This contagious and quite groovy bop will have one singing and dancing along in an instant. Note: the repeat button somehow automatically turns on at the end of this tune or at least it will…